Fire Safety

Positive Steps work in close partnership with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s Community Action Team (CAT).

Some of our participants are able to progress to volunteer positions with the CAT team, where a wide range of training and support is available.

Part of the fire safety training involves identifying potential hazards in a domestic setting. With the help of the CAT team and TACT Digital, we’re able to offer an online version of the ‘hazard rooms’ located at Kilwinning Fire Station.

We hope that this 360° interactive ‘game’ will help to highlight the potential dangers at home connected with smoking, cooking, alcohol consumption and the importance of smoke alarms and regular home safety visits.


On a PC or laptop, click and drag your mouse to look around and click on each hazard you spot within the scene. Zoom in and out using your mouse scroll wheel.

On a tablet or touchscreen device, press and swipe left or right to look around and tap on each hazard you spot within the scene. Zoom in and out by pinching 2 fingers on-screen.

When you’re finished just close the browser tab to return to this page.

Living Room/Kitchen Area

Time Limit: 2 minutes

Number of Hazards: 11 in total


Time Limit: 3 minutes

Number of Hazards: 21 in total

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