Training & Support

As the Volunteering section of the community trust we can provide a wide range of services for organisations to enable you to involve volunteers.

Service – Volunteer recruitment

We can recruit, advise and train volunteers to help promote a positive volunteering experience for both you as an organisation and your volunteers.
We can also provide support and guidance both initially and ongoing. This can be done as part of our normal service.

Service – Advice on policies and best practice

We can offer support and advice on the development of policies and guidance on observing best practice when involving volunteers.
This can be done as part of a formal training course or on a one to one basis with our staff.

Service – Capacity building

We can offer support to develop new volunteering opportunities that promote inclusiveness, we can also provide information and assistance on disclosures.

Service – Training

We can offer a programme of established training and can also offer bespoke training taylored to your organisation’s needs.

Service – Youth work

We can provide guidance and training on involving young volunteers.

Registering your organisation entitles you to a range of services from the volunteering section of the community trust. You will receive a range of information to keep you up to date with policy and best practice in volunteering.
You can also register volunteering opportunities on our database – these are listed at and at our office in Saltcoats.

Please contact us to discuss registering your organisation with us. Tel: 01294 443044