Trustee Responsibilities

Your committee is responsible for taking care of the organisation on behalf of the members. As such, it has a duty to ensure that it is treating people fairly, recognising that people are individuals, and ensuring their safety. Whatever the size or structure of your group (and irrespective of whether or not you have charitable status) there will be legislation that your committee will need to be aware of and comply with. These will typically include:-

 Equality laws
• Data Protection
• Health and Safety
• Licensing Laws
• Child Protection/Vulnerable Adult Protection
• Food Hygiene Regulations

In addition to this, if your organisation employs staff then it must comply with:

Employment laws

As well as general committee responsibilities, your group’s committee members will also have specific legal duties and responsibilities. These will vary depending on your group’s legal structure and whether or not you are registered as a charity.
It is the committee as a whole (and not just those acting as chair, vice-chair, treasurer or secretary) that has a legal obligation to make sure the group’s legal duties are fulfilled.

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