Our employability project aims to help people who are finding themselves in unemployment and struggling to get out that situation.

Positive Steps with Partners is a great motivator and confidence builder helping the people involved realise their true potential owing their true abilities, creating ways for participants to move forward and progress towards their personal goals.

Participants will be involved in the following programme of activities before commencing placement:

• Get to Know You

• Comfort Zones

• Skills and Strengths

• Cooking on a Budget

• Health & Wellbeing sessions

• Life Coach Session

• Volunteer Placement Opportunities

If you are a North Ayrshire resident long term unemployed and looking to make positive lifelong changes please get in touch.

To discuss partnership opportunities please contact Cheryl Newall Tel: 01294 443044 or Email: cheryl@tact.scot
For more information on how to join the programme, please contact Gemma (gemma@tact.scot)

To watch more videos from Positive Steps please view our channel on YouTube by clicking here