Governance Training

We can provide the following training modules for groups and organisations in North Ayrshire:  

1. Introduction to Governance and the Scottish Governance Code

Learning Outcomes:
· Understand what we mean by governance
· Recognising the importance of good governance to a successful and sustainable voluntary organisation
· Demonstrate and implement the 5 principles of the Scottish governance code in your organisation

2. Roles and Responsibilities of a Committee Member

Learning Outcomes:
· Understand the role of a committee member
· Understand the legal duties of a committee member
· Have some tools for complying

3. Effective Chairing

Learning Outcomes:
· Understand the Role of the Chair
· Understand the Responsivities of Staff and Committee
· The Chair/CEO Relationship

4. Effective Minutes and Meetings

Learning Outcomes:
· Identify what papers and reports are required to effective meetings
· Know what good minutes include and how to write them
· Be equipped to conduct an effective meeting

5. Committee Behaviours

Learning Outcomes:
· Demonstrate and understanding of what effective committee looks like
· Understand what being an effective committee member means
· Consider how your behaviours impact on what you have to say

6. Evaluating Committee Performance and Skills

Learning Outcomes:
· Evaluate the effectiveness of your committee
· Understand the importance of equality and diversity within committees
· Understand various methods available for developing their committee members

7. Introduction to Committee Member Recruitment and Ongoing Support

Learning Outcomes:
· To understand the requirements of effective recruitment strategies
· To understand the knowledge needs of Committee Members when joining a management Committee
· To demonstrate understanding of the ongoing support structures that should be in place for a committee

8. Structures and Governing Documents

Learning Outcomes:
· Have an improved awareness of Group Structures
· Have an understanding of Governing Documents
· Be aware of the need to Follow the guidance given by Governance Documents

9. Strategic Planning

Learning Outcomes:
· Have confidence in and an understanding of the key points in a planning process
· Have an understanding of the relationship between good planning and the development of an organisation
· Understand why and how you might engage your different stakeholders

10. Risk and Insurance

Learning Outcomes:
· Identify and risks in your organisation recommend actions to manage risk
· Understand your risk register

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