Getting it Right for Every Child

Does your organisation work with children or young people or support adults who look after children or young people?

Getting it Right for Every Child (Girfec) is a consistent way for people to work with all children and young people. It’s the bedrock for all children’s services and can also be used by practitioners in adult services who work with parents or carers.

We all want our children and young people to be fully supported as they grow and develop into successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

We believe they should be:







The Girfec approach ensures that anyone providing support puts the child or young person, and their family, at the centre.

Girfec is important for everyone who works with children or young people as well as oganisations who work with adults who look after children. Practitioners need to work together to support families and take early action at the first signs of difficulty to avoid crisis.

Girfec builds on, and is reflected in a wide range of strategies for all children and young people. these have all shaped it’s development:

Childrens Charter 

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

For Scotland’s Children 

Early Years Framework

Curriculum for Excellence

Better Health, Better Care

For more information on Girfec and your duties as an organisation supporting children and young people and/or their families please see the Scottish Governement website , GIRFEC Guide and Improvement Service