Be Inspired

Who Are “Be Inspired”?

  • Want to improve something in your neighbourhood?
  • Want to know how to get things done?
  • Get your voice heard?
  • Get involved?

2019 has seen the launch of Be Inspired, the second phase of a project begun to discover what ideas you, the people of North Ayrshire, have and want to see brought to life. We want to help you get things done, get your voice heard, and get involved in making your community a better place to live.

What makes us different?

Be Inspired is about change at the grass-roots level of our communities. We believe that it is the people that make up our communities that know most clearly what is going wrong – because they see it every day – and that they know best how to put it right. Be Inspired links people with Community Coaches, whose aim is to help people turn ideas into plans, and then those plans into actions.

Be Inspired is free to engage with, all you need to bring is an idea and your enthusiasm. What you’ll get is the dedicated focus of a Coach, access to all the guidance we can give, and the support to turn your ideas into realities.

There will be chances to share inspiration and learn from others as part of Be Inspired events and meet-ups. Larger meetings and groups will bring social activists, entrepreneurs and visionaries such as yourself together to support one another as we, collectively, make North Ayrshire a better place to live.

What is Coaching?

Have you ever wanted to start a project but not known where or how to start?

Have you ever had an idea that seemed so complex that it didn’t seem worth starting at all?

Coaching begins with the belief that you already know the answers. A Coaches mission is to help you arrange all of the thoughts and ideas in your head into a plan of action, one that you can begin straight away. By helping you sort your ideas into smaller, easier, tasks, the Coach works alongside you to bring an idea out of your head and into the real world.

Coaching is a non-directive (we don’t “give orders”) way to support and increase a person’s development, performance, and their fulfilment in whatever field they are looking to make progress. This could be their personal life, their work life, or their plans for the future. Coaching is based on the power of proactive conversations, aimed at setting reasonable goals, getting results, and giving/getting feedback at every stage.

The best sportsmen and women, the world’s greatest performers, the most powerful CEO’s… all of them have coaches. A Coach is someone who can offer you the impartial, non-judgmental, feedback and support that can get your idea off the ground or take it to the next level.

Why Coaching? Why Now?

We believe that it is too easy for the same people to end up representing the community at all the higher levels of community planning. That means that, often, the same ideas and the same projects get talked about when back in the community, at street level, there are other more pressing issues to be dealt with.

However, the people that know what’s going on at street level can sometimes feel that their opinions don’t count, or don’t know where to start even when they have a great idea. Be Inspired seeks to solve that problem. We want to get behind the ‘regular voices’ to those people that really know what’s going on. We want to know what people feel they are missing, and support them on their journey to make things right.

Your Community Needs You!

Getting involved with Be Inspired and The Ayrshire Community Trust couldn’t be easier. There are loads of ways to get in touch, whether you’d prefer to meet us at one of our events, or contact us via the Internet or social media, there will be an option that suits you.

Reach the Be Inspired Coaches directly:

Barbara: 07729 716997

Chris: 07729 713433


Instagram: @tactbeinspired

Facebook: TACTbeinspired

Twitter via: @TAyrshireCT