Barbara Conner
Senior Community Coach

I have been working in the voluntary or third sector now for over 10 years and while it was only meant to be a temporary contract, or visit if you will, I’m glad that I stayed. This is an amazing, diverse and ultimately essential sector that helps communities across Scotland.

Through my work with The Ayrshire Community Trust (TACT) I have been involved in helping volunteers recognise their potential through helping them find appropriate volunteers placements and also through various training courses like the Steps to Excellence course and our Enabling Adults to Gain Employability Roles or EAGER training.

I completed a National Certificate in Counselling along with Frontline Guidance and Consultation certification which has enabled me to develop my skills in supporting people to achieve their ambitions.

As a Community Coach with Be Inspired, I look forward to working with community members across the Irvine, Kilwinning, Three Towns and Garnock Valley localities of North Ayrshire to help them realise their dreams of making their community a better place to live.

Barbara Conner
Senior Community Coach. Be Inspired.

Contact me: 07729 716997

Chris James
Community Coach

I’ve been Coaching and training as a Coach for the last two and a half years, having had my passion sparked and beginning the journey three years ago.

I have spent the majority of my working life in supervisory or mentoring roles, both when I worked in the hospitality sector (restaurants/bars) and then in the world of addiction recovery. My previous role before coming to Scotland was mentoring and supporting young Italian men in a recovery community in Tuscany, which I did for nearly four years. It is through this work that I discovered a love for the Coaching model and the world of personal development. I am the product of many years hard work in the fields of Recovery and self-management, and want to use that experience to help my clients achieve the lives they want and deserve.

My passion is, quite simply, for helping people realise their ambitions. I love to help design people’s goals, support their experiments, and offer the all-important feedback that will help their projects grow.

Having worked in Peer Support for so long, experience tells me that no ideas can be ruled out, everybody is full of potential just waiting to be tapped, and the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

As your Coach, my goal is to work alongside you as you bring your ideas to life. Coaching is a safe place to talk about dreams and ambitions, and spending time with a Coach is a safe way to get the constructive feedback you need to turn your plans into reality.

Chris James
Community Coach. Be Inspired

Contact me: 07729 713433